Significance of Bells

Bells are meant to remind us that God alone is real, that we belong to Him; and not living for this world. The bells break in upon our ears in order to remind us that all things pass away and that our pre-occupation are not important. They speak to us of our freedom, which responsibility and transient cares make us forget. They are the voice of our alliance with the God within. They tell us we are His true temple and call us to a place with Him within ourselves.

They say business does not matter. Rest in God from time to time and rejoice, for this world is only the figure and the promise of a world to come and only those who are detached from transient things can possess the substance of an eternal promise.

The bells say we have spoken for centuries from the towers of great churches and temples. We have spoken to the saints, to your fathers in their land. We call them as we call you to sanctify. We did not merely say, be good, come to church or temple or follow the way of God. We said come with us, God is all and liberation is not hard as His love has made it easy, for those who come and for those who do not come, for our song is perfect-as God is perfect. We pour our grace and charity out upon all.

(Words of Thich Nhat Hanh)