Vision Of Sanctuary

The aspiration and vision to work with a growing sincerity to manifest the ‘Divine Truth’.

To offer inspiration and support to all who desire to uplift themselves and uplift the world.

To reduce the darkness and negative forces in our present times.

To first change our own lives and not to run away from it, as wherever we go, we take ourselves and our own thought and attitude with us.

To use each sunrise as an opportunity to make a new beginning and discovery.

To learn from the message of each day, with gratitude and humility.

To be aware that when we are trying to serve the ‘Divine’, it is not just words, it is that we sincerely allow the ‘Divine’ to act through us.

To be conscious that to live the ‘Truth’, each person must find the path for oneself.

To be realistic and bear in mind from where we are starting, and the present state of humanity and the world.

To face all problems the best we can and try to seek peaceful solutions.

To be mindful and have a clean vision of our goals and ideals.